When it comes to skin, it’s almost impossible to not touch it. This is true especially when you get annoying acne on your face. In fact one of the most common skinconditions affecting an estimated 85% of people at some point in their lives is Acne. These clogged pores seem to pop up when we have a big meeting, a date or a vacation planned. We quickly turn to panic mode, we try to pop out acne to get rid of it quickly which is actually a bad practice for your skin.

Furthermore, popping acne can lead to even bigger acne or even scarring. Therefore, don’t even think of doing and if you have tried every possible means to treat your acne but to no avail, we are bringing to you a few natural remedy for acne. Take a look:

Natural Remedies For Acne Treatment

Here are a few natural ways that you can follow to treat your acne.

1. Using Tea Tree Oil

Natural Remedies For Acne

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil and is beneficial for your skin’s health. Similarly, this oil can be effectively used to fight acne. Studies have shown that tea tree oil helps in reducing the amount and overall severity of acne.

Tea tree oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This oil can fight P.acnes and S. epidermidis which are two types of bacteria causing pimples. A study found that using 5% of tea tree oil gel was almost four times more effective in reducing acne lesions than a placebo.
In order to reduce redness and irritation, make sure you dilute it with water or carrier oil.

2. Applying Green Tea

Natural Remedies For Acne

Yes, you read that right. Green tea can be really effective when applied to the skin. Other than having benefits for your health, green tea can also be really helpful for relieving acne.
Green tea contains polyphenols which offer strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting skin acne effectively.
Furthermore, Green tea is also high in the antioxidant EGCG which can fight inflammation, reduce sebum production and inhibit bacteria causing acne.

3. Using CBD Topicals

Natural Remedies For Acne, CBD for acne

An organic and natural supplement to treat skin issues like acne is Cannabidiol or CBD. This cannabinoid is available in various forms and one such form is CBD topicals. These topicals can be directly applied to the skin and have the power to treat skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, eczema and more.

This is because CBD possesses anti-inflammatory, painkilling and antibacterial properties. All these properties help in fighting bacteria causing acne. Moreover, CBD topicals can also inhibit the growth of sebum resulting in the less oily skin.CBD oil, creams and lotions can be some of the most effective means of treating this condition.

4. Moisturize with Aloe Vera

Natural Remedies For Acne

One of the most powerful plants for our skin is Aloe Vera. This plant is a cooling agent and at the same time has been researched in treating inflammation of the skin.  Applying aloe vera on the skin can also help in healing dry and flaky skin.
This plant contains lupeol, salicylic acid, cinnamic acids all of which can inhibit acne-causing bacteria.

Aloe vera, when combined with clove-basil oil, can be really potent in fighting acne.

5. Warm and Cold Compresses

Benefits of skin icing

Last but not least, applying warm and cold compress on your acne can also help in treating it. If you have swollen pimples, you can use a hot compress to reduce the inflammation. The heat will help in breaking down the build-up inside the pore and improve blood circulation in your skin.

Instead of popping your acne, you can also apply ice directly to the areas where you were applying pressure while squeezing. Ths ice will reduce the swelling and will not make your acne pop out like a mountain.

Treat Your Acne Naturally

So, these were some incredible as well as natural ways to treat that acne without having you to pop it. These ways are highly effective and can make your skin free from such skin conditions. They will not only treat your acne but remedies like CBD topicals will also help in making your skin look hydrated and flawless.

You can try these Natural Remedies For Acne at home and let us know which one worked best for you.

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