Meditation is the technique by which we are able to achieve a stable mental state through concentration and mindfulness. It is highly beneficial for us as it increases our ability to focus on something. It can be also used to reduce depression and anxiety. Overall, it gives us mental peace and helps us to lead a better life. Hence, it is always recommended that we spend at least 10 minutes a day on meditation in order to achieve a better way of living.

There are many people around us who have the habit of overstressing everything. Overstressing can lead to anxiety which in turn can lead to depression. Meditation is the best way and the most scientific way to get rid of all these problems. It has been scientifically proven that if you meditate for at least 5 minutes a day, you will have better concentration power than people who do not meditate. You will be better at dealing with stress and handling difficult situations.

Meditation has been practised for hundreds of years. Previously, there was a culture of gurus and shishyas where the Gurus would impart knowledge to their students. During that time, the Gurus would regularly encourage their students to meditate in order to attain salvation. The power of meditation is such that it will give your mind an entire state of relaxation and satisfaction

What are the different types of meditation?

Meditation can be of various types.

Concentration Meditation is a type of meditation which allows you to focus or concentrate on a particular thing. It increases your concentration power and also prevents unwanted thoughts from entering and occupying your mind while you are trying to think of something. It is a very important form of meditation and with prolonged practice; you will be able to immensely increase your concentration level.

In mindfulness meditation, you try to remove all your negative thoughts from your mind. This will help you to get rid of stress and anxiety and you will be able to achieve a state of complete peace and mental satisfaction.

Heart-centred meditation: In this type of mediation, you try to concentrate all your energies towards the centre of your chest or your heart. It helps us to reduce blood pressure and also calm our blood vessels and nerves.

Transcendental meditation is another type of meditation where you keep chanting a mantra or a hymn and you try to put your entire concentration on that mantra. This is another way of soothing your body and your thought process.

How do you start practising meditation?

First of all, you will have to choose a perfect place which is away from noise and disturbance. Choose a place such as a garden or on the rooftop of your house which is peaceful. Then you will have to choose a time during which you will meditate. Early mornings or evenings are best suited for meditation. You can meditate either by sitting on a chair or by sitting on the floor. Either way, you will have to keep your back absolutely straight while meditating. Deeply inhale and try to drive all your thoughts away from your head. You may start doing so by chanting a mantra. Gradually increase your time of practice.

What are the various benefits of meditating daily?

  • Meditation can help us to increase our concentration. As a result, we will be able to focus on our work and will be more successful. If we are able to focus more, our work will also be better and we will be more dedicated. Meditation is particularly good for students who are preparing for their examinations. Even 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can bring their focus on their work and allow them to prosper in life.
  • It can be used to reduce stress. While you are concentrating, your mind is absolutely free from thoughts. This will help you to drive out negative thoughts from your mind and give you a feeling of peace and an urge to do better. In this way, meditation will gradually help you to get rid of all your stress and help you to become a calm and peaceful person.
  • Meditation is very helpful for people who have high blood pressure and are on medication. Meditating on a daily basis will gradually help you to reduce your blood pressure level and will protect you from various diseases related to your heart. Your blood pressure may even come down to a normal level just after 2 to 3 months of regular meditation. It has been scientifically proven that meditation can lead to dilation of the blood vessels which can cause a reduction in the blood pressure.
  • It can be highly beneficial for menstrual problems. Over 50% of women suffer from menstrual issue be it menorrhagia or dysmenorrhea. Menorrhagia is a problem where there is excessive blood flow causing anaemia in patients and dysmenorrhea occurs when there are painful periods. Meditation allows better dilation and helps the women to overcome such problems.
  • Meditation helps in proper digestion of food. When you are sitting on the floor or on a chair with your back straight, better digestion of food occurs. It also helps in better bowel movements which makes you fit and healthy. Meditation also motivates you and encourages you to succeed better in life by calming yourself and driving out negative feelings from your mind.
  • Adding CBD oil as a part of your meditation can also prove to be really effective in stimulating the benefits of meditation. CBD increases the thoughts and feelings growing at the subconscious level and helps in creating self-awareness. By raising our sensitivity towards the chakras and energy levels, it brings us closer to our spiritual self. The overall relaxation brought by CBD oil can assist us in self-healing medication.

Is meditation risk-free?

Meditation should be done by people of all ages be it 9 or 90. People should start to practice meditation at a very early age. This will give them the best result. It is best for students who have a great workload and burden of studies. It has no side effects and can be practiced without any fear. There are many scientific results to support that meditation can be highly beneficial for human beings.




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